It can be very frustrating to travel abroad and not be able to take full advantage of your trip due to a language barrier. Whether you are moving, coming here on vacation or business, we can provide you with tools to have a pleasant stay—one in which you’ll be able to communicate and understand people in a variety of situations.

Our Portuguese for Foreigners courses are especially designed to meet student needs. Students’ goals are first analyzed through an interview and the course is then planned accordingly. We have experience with students from different countries, such as Japan, The US, The Philippines, Venezuela, Belgium, etc.

Methodology and classes

Since we work with tailor-made courses, classes will differ according to the student’s needs and length of stay. Using basically the communicative approach, classes focus on vocabulary and real-life situations, as well as grammar. For this, students will be exposed to a variety of exercises using different authentic materials, as well as field trips, such as visits to supermarkets, drugstores, etc, in which they can practice the content learnt.

Course load and duration of classes will depend on students’ availability. Classes can be one-on-one or in groups.

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