"Janice grew up in South America. She has two younger sisters and the three of them were brought up by both their parents. Janice and her youngest sister take after their father. They like watching sport. The other sister takes after their mother and the two of them are excellent chefs. They are a happy family. The three siblings get on really well. They would often just sit and talk till late in the night and laugh together. Janice looks up to her parents. They've always been good role models to their three daughters. Janice feels grateful for having such wonderful parents and sisters."

grow up - to become an adult
bring up - to raise a child
take after - to look or behave like someone in your family
look up to - to admire someone
get on - to have a good relationship with someone and to be on friendly terms with someone



Be used to x get used to

As expressões  "be used to" e "get used to"  têm sentidos bem diferentes  e precisamos ter muito cuidado ao aplicá-las.

"be used to" significa  estar acostumado à alguém ou algo, um hábito existente .

She is used to work ing very much.           (Ela  está acostumada a trabalhar bastante.). 
is not used to work ing very much.     (Ela  não está acostumada a trabalhar bastante.).

"get used to" indica que  um hábito está em formação.

I'm getting used to work ing very much.    ( Estou   me  acostumando   a trabalhar bastante.). 
can't get used to work ing very much.     ( Não estou   me  acostumando   a trabalhar bastante.).

Atenção!   Tanto "be used to"  quanto "get used to" devem ser seguidos por gerúndio (-ING) e não infinitivo .




"Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way."

- George Evans



We've been having a great variety of climate phenomena in our country so it would be good to go over some vocabulary we use to describe them.

Clima / Weather

Abafado                   Stuffy
Brisa Breeze
Chuva Rain
Chuvoso Rainy
Clima / tempo Weather
Ensolarado Sunny
Estação Season
Fresco Cool
Frio Cold
Graus Degrees
Inundação Flood / Inundation
Inverno Winter
Neblina Fog
Neve Snow
Nublado Cloudy
Nuvem Cloud
Onda de calor Heat-wave
Onda de frio Cold spell
Outono Autumn / Fall
Parcialmente nublado Partly cloudy
Previsão do tempo Weather forecast
Primavera Spring
Quente Hot
Relâmpago Lightning
Seca Drought /dróut/
Seco Dry
Sensação térmica Heat index
Sol Sun
Tempestade de neve Snowstorm
Trovão Thunder
Umidade Humidity
Úmido Humid
Vento Wind
Ventoso Windy
Verão Summer


hit the road

to start a journey It's getting late - I'd better hit the road. (Está ficando tarde. Melhor 'pegar' a estrada.)


hit the books

to study To learn English, she not only hit the books but also practiced conversing with others every day.(Para estudar ingles, ela não só 'atacou' os livros, como também conversou com as pessoas todos os dias).


hit the bottle

to drink too much alcohol THe lost his job and hit the bottle.(Ele perdeu o emprego e ‘caiu na bebida’.).


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