As an executive, you have a very particular routine. You’re a fast-thinker and you need to make snap decisions. You need to be ready for meetings, presentations and negotiations on a moment’s notice. How can you do it in an international environment if you don’t have the right language tools at the ready? Here at English Office, we understand that you have demands that can only be addressed with tailored course options: your company’s language needs are analyzed and the program most suitable to your specific language goals is selected.

Here are some of the skills developed in our courses:
•build your confidence and fluency in business situations: meetings, presentations and negotiations;
•increase your inter-cultural awareness in business contexts;
•help you make more effective telephone calls;
•consolidate important grammatical areas;
•improve your range of social English for when you have to entertain clients and network at parties.

Business areas we work with:
•Human Resource Management

> General English
> Business English
> Job Interview


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