You’re a student or a professional who’s seeking higher education, perhaps an MBA, at a university abroad. You like the academic atmosphere and you’re an investigator at heart. In order to achieve your objectives you have to cope with isolation and distress. We’re here, not only to prepare you for your challenges, but also to help you take this burden off your shoulders.

Besides preparing students for Proficiency tests, TOEFL, Cambridge and academic reading, here are some other skills developed in our courses:
• Build your confidence and fluency in professional situations
• Consolidate important grammatical areas
• Broaden your active vocabulary range
• Understand native speakers, both face-to-face and on TV
• Participate in conferences without the need for simultaneous translations
• Extend writing skills in the areas of correspondence and academic articles.

> Toefl Preparation
> Cambridge and Michigan Preparation
> Preparation for the English Proficiency Exam (to obtain a masters or doctorate in Brazil)
> Technical Literature


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