You’re dynamic and bold. You take risks. You seek to differentiate yourself in today’s competitive marketplace. Being open-minded and current, however, isn’t enough to make the world connections you need. How can you do it without an international language? Here at English Office, professionals from different areas have specific needs that can only be met through tailored courses. Classes are carefully customized, as students usually function in a very particular language originating in their professions and personal interests. The courses are programmed individually. Special attention is given to the amount of information that comes from each participant in order to build a learning experience the student would profit the most from.

However, each course intends to focus specifically on the following objectives:
•build your confidence and fluency in business situations: meetings, presentations and negotiations;
•consolidate important grammatical areas;
•widen your active vocabulary;
•help you to understand native speakers, both face-to-face and on TV;
•enable you to participate in conferences without the need for simultaneous translations;
•improve your range of social English for when you have to entertain clients and network at parties.

Some of the areas we work with are:
•Information Technology
•Politics and Diplomacy

> General English
> Job Interview
> Career Development


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